Zhang Qingfang will sing at the Taipei Arena for two consecutive days in June.

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] "Fubon Financial Holdings Taiwan Big Brother Zhang Qingfang Stella "TimeLESS" Concert 2023" will be held at the Taipei Arena for two consecutive days on June 10 and 11. Many fans are worried about Zhang Qingfang Will it be possible to "close the wheat" after singing this time?

Therefore, they all supported with actions, and the speed of grabbing tickets was astonishing. A total of 24,000 tickets for the two shows were sold out in just 9 minutes, breaking her previous concert ticket sales record.

Knowing the good news of the sale, Zhang Qingfang said: "The pressure is coming, let's go to the gym." She also said: "I am really grateful to the fans who have supported me all the way for many years. I can only feel full of gratitude in my heart."

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Zhang Qingfang sang at the Little Arena, and the tickets were sold out quickly.

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Fans who couldn't get tickets hoped to have another show. The organizer Shangyin Entertainment revealed that the team is currently discussing it, and said that as soon as there is news, it will let the friends who support Zhang Qingfang know as soon as possible.

At present, a small amount of tickets will be released in the afternoon, and fans who haven't bought them can seize the opportunity to re-release tickets.

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