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Yang Mi attended a public event yesterday (25) and chose to wear a red dress with a bumper shirt. The sexy American actress Megan Fox (Megan Fox) who appeared at the Grammy Awards more than a month ago will inevitably be compared. Megan Fox has a magnificent chest The victory over Yang Mi has become a topic of discussion.

Chinese actress Yang Mi chose to wear a red vest dress from the Alexis Mabille 2023 spring and summer haute couture series in a public event yesterday. It was paired with bright jewelry and a long curly hair hanging down to become the focus of the field, but this dress was as early as February this year. It was exposed at the Grammy Awards on the 6th. At that time, Megan Fox, the heroine of the first generation of "Transformers" and once ranked among the top 100 sexy actresses in the United States, was chosen to wear. The well-proportioned plump figure completely defeated Yang Mi and sparked discussions.

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Yang Mi chose to wear an Alexis Mabille waistcoat custom-made dress to appear in public, with a slender and skinny figure.

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Netizens compared the photos of the two actresses. Yang Mi is slender and skinny, but the vest cup on her chest immediately looks much thinner than the plump Megan Fox. The comments also caused a wave of washing: "Yang Mi is beautiful, but Megan has a figure I won", "Meghan's figure looks better", "One temperament, one hotness".

The same dress was worn by Megan Fox more than a month ago, and at that time, sexy breasts became a topic of discussion. Netizens compared the two and thought that the effect of breast plumpness was very different.

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Alexis Mabille 2023 spring and summer haute couture series.

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