Wu Zongxian (left) goods were stolen.

(Provided by Dongsen Shopping)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Wu Zongxian attended Dongsen's shopping event yesterday, and mentioned the issue of piracy of pectin under his company that he was particularly concerned about. As long as the fine is fined, the defendant will be charged.

Wu Zongxian showed pictures of pirated copies at the scene. He once said that he saw an old professor cheated out of tens of millions of pensions. It doesn’t have to be real, even the breasts don’t have to be real. I’m just doing business, so I’m going to be attacked? Taiwan has the Ministry of Information, which budgets 21.7 billion a year, which is the tax money of the poor people. The Ministry of Information is in Shrimp destroyed?"

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