After coming out to refuse as a third party, making Nikki-Koi love crack!

Most recently, Noon-Sutthipha came out and told Nikki that “Don't call it flirt.

called to eat

So it's better"...but that was before Koi's girlfriend.

For the fans who cheer for Nikki, reconcile with Koi-Aratchaporn, Koboy, Nikki's manager, went live and said to the FC that

"Now it's always moving forward. It takes time. If he doesn't have anyone, then there's a chance to come back."

after being teased

Saying that she posted a picture with a blurry boyfriend, the latest girl Min-Pechaya posted an excuse this time, the picture is clear, but it's the back! make excuses again

Next time, please turn around and come as you will.

Once in a while, it'll be spicy


Post a picture of putting a two-piece in the tub, oh my friends, the stars come to tease each other, especially Nui-Sujira Mention "Jiw but cool"... This kind of tease is annoying, what's Jiw?

My condolences to Bam-Janista and Bo-Chayada who lost their mothers.

M.R. Siriyada Worawan Siri, 75 years old, cremated the funeral hall 9, Wat That Thong until March 31, burned on April 1, 5 pm.