In some cases that are prejudiced against morality

The media should use careful discretion.

And should be responsible for what you do!!

News of a divorced couple in the 90s... was brought up as a hot topic in the online media, crushing repeatedly until causing widespread commentary drama.

Although the online media did not dare to name the two celebrities who were in the news.

But using the way to look at the personal social media of this pair of actors

then picked it up and presented it so that the reader would understand that it was the couple that was in the news

That's not media still hit mute

Write about the male's behavior as having an affair

Secretly cheating on actor's wife

Until the cause of the divorce!!

The exposure also reached a woman who was repeatedly condemned on social media.

accused of snatching villagers' husbands

Although not mentioning the name, but

let people read the netizens

(I don't know where the main source is) commented with fun.

This is the deteriorating behavior of online media.

Only focus on selling news, hitting the number of likes, regardless of the damage of other people and their own dignity!!

Actor couple separated

It's not uncommon.

In the past, there have been many pairs.

When two people can't be together

Married life is time for a complete divorce.

But what the media should be careful about is the "heir" of the rumored abandoned couple.

How will he or she live?

How many inferiority complexes are there in the mind?

When the media brings his and her father's story to write without any information

This is a matter of media morality and ethics that must be strictly governed by news work.

Don't just look at your own interests.

But refused to look at the damage of the news victim.

Good media – professional media

Will not do this!!