is another YouTuber group that is no less successful.

for the best friend gang


which is famous from the show If I accept you, will you love me?

Recently, all 3 girls have made a special clip to step into the 100 tapes of the report in the EP called The Best!

If I accept you, will you love me? EP 99

by 3 girls began to share their feelings from the first day until today, almost 3 years doing the program together

This tape is therefore a special tape to collect impressions.

Go back from the beginning of the show.

and told about the best of the guests who participated in the program

In which the first tape has a close friend,

Kao Jirayu Laongmanee,

as the first guest.

The response has exceeded expectations.

and at one point in the clip,

Koi Aratchaporn

thanked ex-boyfriend

Nikki Nachat

for making him unable to hold back his tears.

“Actually, I met him before then.

But doing this program made us like..make us closer, have a good relationship with each other.

That tape really helped us. He came with good intentions.

He came to play for us and gave 100 per cent.