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The new generation of iOS 17 system, Apple's first head-mounted device, is about to debut in June?

Apple has always chosen to hold its annual WWDC developer conference in the first week of June each year, and it is expected that this year should be no exception.

According to foreign media Wccftech citing the latest news from ShrimpApplePro on Twitter, this year’s WWDC 23 developer conference will likely be held on June 5, US time, at Apple Park headquarters in California.

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In addition, according to Ryan Jones, a developer of Flighty App's flight status information application, he has found on the flight map that flight information from three regions all point to the destination of the flight date, all displayed on June 4 Day of California, USA.

Since Apple's Apple Park headquarters is located in California, it is speculated that it is likely to be related to this year's WWDC 23 Developers Conference.


It is reported that the highlight of this year's 2023 WWDC event, in addition to focusing on the release of the system and software of the upgraded version of the next-generation operating system, including: iOS 17, iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, macOS 14 and tvOS 17.

In addition, rumors have long been regarded by the outside world as an epoch-making product since the advent of the iPhone. Apple's first AR/VR headset and its operating system, known internally as "realityOS" (or rOS, xrOS), will also be unveiled simultaneously.

Foreign media said that in the first half of this year, at this important WWDC conference event for global developers, Apple will most likely announce or preview products related to AR/VR head-mounted devices. Related new hardware products, or new operating systems.

Apple's first head-mounted device is rumored to debut in June this year, and the picture shows a rendering from the Internet.

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So far, Apple has not issued invitations to the WWDC Developers Conference to the outside world.

Referring to the WWDC activities in the past two years, taking last year as an example, it was on June 6th, US time (Taiwan time was on the morning of June 7th), and invitations were sent to developers around the world in the first week of April .

In addition, the WWDC developer conference in 2021 was held on June 7th, US time (Taiwan time is the early morning of June 8th), and the invitation letter was sent out in the last week of March.

Based on this estimate, Apple’s invitation letter for this year’s WWDC 2023 Developer Conference event is likely to be issued by the end of next Wednesday at the earliest. In addition, the possibility of sending it during the first week of April this year is not ruled out.

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