[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] The 70-year-old veteran actress Sima Yujiao used to be an opera actor under Yang Lihua's banner. She has starred in many TV dramas. She spent a lot of money; unexpectedly, her ex-husband caused her to be in debt of 5 million yuan, and it was rumored that she was living on pensions for the elderly. She attended the "Love Inheritance and Care Concert" held by the Taiwan Quality Life Association a few days ago, and her crazy recent situation was exposed!

Veteran actress Sima Yujiao (second from right) is enthusiastic about public welfare.

(Provided by Taiwan Quality Life Association)

Sima Yujiao said last year that she sold her real estate on Changchun Road in Taipei City. She had lived there for 45 years and earned tens of millions from the sale, so she bought a new house.

Recently, she revealed that the house is located in the Xinban District of New Taipei City. The money was so large that she bought it directly with cash. After the purchase, there was still a lot of money left. She had a familiar insurance company, found a special case, and deposited a large amount of money. There are quite lucrative interest rates available every month. It is said that it breaks 200,000 a year. Ask her if the money she deposited should be more than 10 million?

She said, "Just ask me about the association. I have been with the Secretary-General Ji Baoru for 16 years. Caring for public welfare is my favorite thing. We have never quarreled." She made a lot of money but kept a low profile. The haze of separation.

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In fact, Sima Yujiao has been doing public welfare with Ji Baoru's association for a long time. She appeared with Lin Songyi a few days ago, and met Hong Ronghong and his wife. She also went to see Pastor Song Damin and his wife.

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