Physicians share protein powder brownies made with protein powder, eggs and olive oil, and a little milk.

(Taken from Xiao Jiejian's Facebook page)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Many people will take protein powder after exercising to assist muscle growth. In addition to the common protein powder drinks, Sanshu Oriole Clinic weight management physician Xiao Jiejian wrote on the Facebook page "Weight Loss Physician Xiao Jiejian" Sharing, protein powder brownies made only with protein powder, eggs, olive oil, and a little milk. I also remind you to avoid brownies from turning into cakes. The following 3 steps are essential:

●Protein powder must be sieved.

●Beat egg white first, add lemon juice and Luo Han fructose to beat.

●Adding soluble fiber powder can absorb more water to support the cake body.

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Xiao Jiejian said that in the past, the ingredients were mixed evenly at one time and put into the oven. The pastries turned into cakes uncontrollably. In the past, almond flour was used instead of flour, but the almond flour oil was still too high, and the whey protein structure could not support it, resulting in The whole collapsed, so a high-fiber compound protein powder with high temperature resistance was developed.

Protein Powder Brownies

Ingredients: 50 grams of olive oil (or cream, coconut oil), 90 grams of chocolate high-fiber protein powder, 3 eggs, 70 c.c. of milk, monk fruit sugar, lemon juice.

Steps: Sift protein powder, add oil and egg yolk and mix well, make dough, beat egg white with electric mixer, add a little lemon juice and Luo Han fructose, make meringue, slowly add meringue until dough is evenly mixed, add to baking mold , into the electric pot, add a bowl of water.

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