According to the Agriculture and Food Administration, head vegetables are shaped like balls, edible "bulbs" on the ground. They are large and have soft flesh. species and purple species.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Kohlrabi is a common vegetable in Taiwan in winter and spring.

In this regard, the Agriculture and Food Administration stated that kohlrabi is divided into two types: kohlrabi and turnip. Among them, kohlrabi is suitable for stir-frying and cold salad; while turnip is more similar to radish in appearance and is suitable as a staple food and cooking.

The Agriculture and Food Administration issued an article on the Facebook fan page "Xianxiangnong YA - Agriculture and Food Administration" to teach the public how to distinguish between 2 kinds of kohlrabi.

He also said that kohlrabi is suitable for soup, stir-fry, and cold salad. When selecting, it is better to have tough stems, fresh heart leaves, straight bulbs and powdery mist skin.

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Knot cabbage:

It looks like a ball and is eaten on the ground. It is more common in Taiwan. It is large and soft, and it is a "kohlrabi" of the cruciferous family. White-green, green and purple.

It is often used in soup, stir-fry and cold salad.


Although it belongs to the cruciferous family, it looks like a radish and eats "underground" "bulbs". It is relatively rare in Taiwan. It is small in size and hard in flesh.

Mainly as a staple food, or added to meat dishes for cooking.

Turnips look like radishes. They eat "underground" "bulbs". They are small in size and hard in flesh.

Mainly as a staple food, or added to meat dishes for cooking; schematic diagram.

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