Xu Zhiyuan passed away 27 years ago, and the record company will release new songs tomorrow.

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[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Comprehensive Report] South Korean singer Xu Zhiyuan was born in 1976. He made his debut at the age of 18 and swept the music world with the song "Another Beginning". , chose to commit suicide on January 1, 1996, leaving fans with infinite regrets; Korean media reported today (26) that the record company will release Xu Zhiyuan's new song "The Days of Waiting, the Days of Erasing" at noon tomorrow (temporary translation) through sound restoration. ).

The record production company Omni Music reported Xu Zhiyuan's family saying, "After 27 years, I heard Xu Zhiyuan's new song again. There is a sense of freshness, and at the same time, there are tears in my eyes."

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According to reports, "The Days of Waiting, the Days of Erasing" uses sound restoration technology to reproduce the late Xu Zhiyuan's singing voice, plus instrumental accompaniment, and Jun Yinghao (transliteration) is responsible for the arrangement, creating a rich and complete song; new song release news After the news came out, many fans' expectations for his new song soared.

After the release of the title song "Gather My Tears" in the second album, Xu Zhiyuan became a famous song of the year and was extremely popular, but he chose to commit suicide at home; there are different opinions about his death. Too good, couldn't bear the pressure and chose to leave. It is also rumored that the agency company's treatment is too poor, family pressure, etc., so far it has not been confirmed.

☆Treasure life, suicide cannot solve the problem, life must find a way out.

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