The Bureau of Agriculture of Taoyuan City Government has continued to search for baboons in recent days. Yesterday, they checked the footprints of baboons in the vegetable garden on Minsheng Street, Yangmei District.

(Provided by Peach City Bureau of Agriculture)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Report from Taipei] Recently, baboons have escaped and appeared in Pingzhen, Xinwu and Yangmei areas of Taoyuan City. They have not been captured yet. Yesterday entered the 17th day. According to news, in the vegetable garden in Yangmei Fugang area, there were traces of baboons stealing vegetables. The lettuce planted by farmers was picked, and the leftovers were thrown aside. Baboons even left footprints. type search.

In order to capture an escaped baboon, a large number of people were mobilized to round it up, and the media also paid close attention to the operation of catching the baboon.

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Scumbag provided personal advice on his personal Facebook. He said: "Why don't you send a pet communicator to communicate with baboons? Isn't it possible for dead pets to connect?" A large number of netizens rushed to comment "Primate It’s not considered a pet”, “Language conversion takes a long time”, and some even joked: “If you can do it, you will gain both fame and fortune!”

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