The National Photographic Culture Center's "Twentieth Century Taiwan's First Political Show: 1923 Japanese Regent Palace Crown Prince Hirohito's "Taiwan Journey" Image Exhibition" was launched online.

(Provided by the National Photography Culture Center)

[Reporter Tu Yingru/Taipei Report] The National Center of Photography will present the online exhibition "Taiwan Journey" from now on.

On April 16, 1923, Crown Prince Hirohito, then the Regent of Japan, came to Taiwan for a visit at the invitation of the 8th Governor of Taiwan, Kenjiro Tian. , Japan called it "Taiwan Tour", which was a major event that caused a sensation in Taiwan a hundred years ago. This visit also became the first time that a member of the Japanese royal family visited a colony on behalf of the emperor.

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In order to strengthen the publicity of Taiwan's political achievements, the Japanese government arranged photographers to accompany the group to take pictures when Crown Prince Hirohito visited various places, and recorded the process in detail with images, presenting the various political and economic aspects of colonial Taiwan under Japanese rule. , social, educational, cultural and other construction achievements.

The National Photographic Culture Center's collection of "Xingqi Commemorative Photobook" and other photo albums from a hundred years ago have become important historical materials for the study of political and economic relations in Taiwan's colonies at that time, as well as for Crown Prince Hirohito's visit to Taiwan.

The curator, Zhong Shumin, deputy director of the Institute of Taiwan History of the Academia Sinica, said that Crown Prince Hirohito's "Taiwan Tour" has dual promotional significance for Japan both externally and internally.

Externally, since the Meiji Restoration in 1867, Japan has successfully squeezed into the world powers. How to present to the world the appearance of Taiwan and other colonies under Japanese governance is quite expected by the society; The effect is to strengthen the policy concept of "integration of Taiwan and Taiwan" in Japan and Taiwan.

"Taiwan Journey" related historical materials will be transformed into online audio and video to share with the public. The website of the online exhibition is

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