Pan Xieqing has helped many heavenly kings and queens write songs, and the first song written by a professional songwriter was Andy Lau's "Ice Rain".

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

Text/Hu Ruhong 

"Second Sister" Jiang Hui Fengmai has retired for 8 years. Over the years, people will ask me from time to time: "Will Second Sister hold another concert?"

There are also many people who help the second sister find a reason to sing again, suggesting: "Feng Mai can also sing for public welfare!"

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Fans always regret that they can no longer hear their second sister singing, and Pan Xieqing is even more emotional about her second sister Feng Mai, "I am very angry with my second sister Feng Mai. The last song "Blessing" of my second sister was written by me. She closed the wheat and disappeared, and it feels like part of my soul has been taken away."

★Tailor-made songs that turn into the soul of the king and queen

Pan Xieqing has written songs for many heavenly kings and queens. His second sister has many Taiwanese songs written by him. Almost everyone in grades 4, 5, and 6 has a song written by him in their hearts; some people love him for Andy Lau's " Ice Rain, some people like "Halfway" written by him for Faye Wong, some people prefer "Dreaming Fish" and "Silly Grandma" written by him for his second sister, but I can't forget the first time I heard his collaboration with Xin Xiaoqi "Acknowledgment", moved with tears in his eyes, and even more curious about the theory that his soul was taken away.

Pan Xieqing said that he has no concept of numbers and has long forgotten about age.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

"I am a creator. When I write a song for a singer, it is the singer's soul, especially when I like her very much. It is the soul of my other life. When she suddenly disappears, it takes your soul out. That was the biggest loss in my life." Pan Xieqing interpreted creation through soul travel, and he said that I am also a creator and should understand this feeling.

Yes, I understand.

When we write songs tailored for singers, we travel through time and space in the soul of the singer, in the lyrics and melody, so we will have many imprints of different souls on our bodies, roaming in different time and space, and always maintain the fantasy of boys and girls. The heart of youth, that is also the best face-retaining technique.

★Invisible creative genius has no concept of numbers and time

Looking at Pan Xieqing's appearance, it is impossible to guess how old he is, and Pan Xieqing said enviably: "I have no concept of numbers, time and distance at all." He has released 5 albums and created 400 songs. The copyright is all handled by a professional agent. He is only responsible for signing and receiving pocket money every month. He has no idea how much money he has.

Pan Meichen used to be very popular, people said he was Pan Meichen's elder brother, and his younger sister was more popular than him, so he didn't care; later he started to write songs for others, and his name appeared in the list of hit songs of many kings and queens, and became a creative Master, he was not in a hurry to make a comeback, to prove his singing skills, and even became an invisible creator.

Pan Xieqing said that he still loves to sing, and is very happy to sing with his parents at home every day, but he has no desire to perform, does not need a stage, and does not need applause, as long as he goes to KTV to sing and holds the microphone all the time.

Pan Xieqing said with a smile that he had sung for two record companies, but he still loves to sing.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

★Get out of closed creative sharing and inheritance experience

In the past, he was used to closed creation. In order to maintain the state of creation, he did not appear on the show, did not accept interviews, and even had to be isolated from his family, living the life of an invisible creator.

In the past few years, he has shifted his focus, writing songs only when someone invites them, spending time with his family, and then going to school, reviewing, sharing experience, and passing on. His life has another style, and he lives a full and happy life.

I said he has written so many good songs, wouldn't he come up with an album and re-sing the songs he wrote?

He said that he had discussed it with his agent before, but those songs were written for other people. If he wanted to sing them back and inject his soul, it would be another big project, so he took the attitude of resignation. Find it and think about it, he doesn't take the initiative to do it.

Creation is an unconstrained flight. Pan Xieqing is a genius creator who doesn't know how to play musical instruments. The melody and lyrics will naturally appear in his mind. His creative world is more free and unrestrained. He has different interpretations and visions for what he sees and does. Listen to the songs he wrote, sing the songs he wrote, maybe we also have his soul imprint in our souls.

Why don't you listen to Tingge now and play the game of Soul Traveling together, it's pretty cool!

Hu Ruhong (right) and her artist friend Pan Xieqing.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

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