The 12th mini-album "READY TO BE" of the popular South Korean girl group TWICE has been officially released on March 10th. The nine members of the group have launched a series of promotional activities non-stop, and will soon start a global tour. At this time, TWICE's "Maknae" However, Zhou Ziyu preemptively announced that there will be "extraordinary" actions this summer, which aroused speculation among netizens.

Korean women's clothing brand ZOOC released the latest advertising photos.

It turned out that the Korean women's clothing brand ZOOC, which was endorsed by Zhou Ziyu, released its latest promotional photo yesterday (24th), with the theme of "UnOrdinary summer" as an extraordinary summer, predicting that there will be a new chapter in the summer of 2023, and fans are looking forward to Ziyu's new model.

Tzuyu showed off her beautiful legs in a solo flight, revealing amazing proportions.

From the two sets of promotional photos that Tzuyu has exposed, they are the latest one-piece dress with asymmetrical white skirt that was exposed yesterday. Tzuyu combed her hair, hugged an apple green bag with one hand, and a pair of slender pencil legs. The beautiful face is even more small and delicate, and it is completely nine-headed and body-like.

Fans are looking forward to Tzuyu's new look.

Another look is Tzuyu wearing a short dark gray vest with thin shoulder straps, a fitted skirt on the lower body, and a long black windbreaker on the outside. One of the photos shows Tzuyu taking off the windbreaker and pushing a scooter into the mirror The appearance, the beautiful right-angled shoulders and the flat waist are all exposed, making netizens shout: "It's too hot to wear such a sport", "A coincidence", "It's so beautiful".

The appearance of Tzuyu pushing a scooter in a tank top and short skirt is quite spicy.

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