The woman said – Paneer is tastier than chicken, users got irritated

Which tastes better, chicken or paneer?

This has been a never ending debate between vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

To further the discussion, Tanya Bhardwaj shared a picture of her meal, which had some chapati and paneer with ketchup.

She summed up the post by saying that paneer is better than chicken.

Now, this was enough to start a discussion online.

Tanya shared a picture on Twitter which showed some rotis, some sautéed paneer, ketchup and a cup of coffee.

He shared the picture with a caption that read, "Unpopular opinion cheese is better than chicken."

Unpopular opinion Paneer is better than Chicken>

— Tanya Bhardwaj (@DitforTit) March 21, 2023

Needless to mention, many people did not agree with him and the comments made in the comments section are proof of the same.

A user called cheese as rubber.

The other said - such food is available in jail.

The third wrote – Burnt bread.

The fourth user said – Paneer is overrated.