The curator sparked heated discussions because he sold his signature bento for 220 yuan.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Recently, the "curator" Chen Zhihan often jumps on the media page, not only fighting with his old enemy Toyz, but also spending tens of millions of dollars to launch a crispy roasted meat bento priced at 220 yuan. A while ago, it can be said that the speculation was very hot. Most people said that they were cutting leeks, and the curator seemed to have heard these voices. Yesterday (24) he suddenly announced that he would sell a single serving of crispy roast in 1 region for a limited time of 5 days. Meat, the asking price is 160 yuan and the purchase is limited.

The curator sells "Crispy Roasted Pork" for 160 yuan, and the 5-day limited sale details are available once.

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The curator issued a notice last night that he will sell a single serving of crispy roasted pork for everyone to try. The price is 4 taels and 160 yuan. The "single serving" will be sold at the Genghis Khan Linkou Museum from March 27th to March 31st. "Crispy Roasted Pork" is limited to 150 servings per day, and each person is limited to 3 servings.

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The curator promised that the homemade bento is really delicious.

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And with the invoice of the day, you can go to Xiaobei Department Store to buy a can of beverage with a 50% discount. The curator also said, "Try the taste for everyone! It's really delicious~ Please support it!" The post was exposed Afterwards, a large number of fans left a message below, "If there is a fake, I will definitely go north to buy it", "Can I go on holiday? I can't go to buy it at work." However, some people said, "Although it hasn't started yet, how come there is a kind that you can see and buy? premonition".

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