The GOVERNMENT has allocated an amount of Shs 84.8 million to improve the infrastructure of the Makonde water project located in Newala District in Mtwara region.

The manager of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA), in the Mtwara region, Engineer Primy Damas, said that this is one of the strategic projects implemented by the government in this region.

Damas said this while talking about the region's strategies to reach 85 percent of rural water service by 2025.

He said the implementation of the improvement of the project will benefit 539,000 citizens in Newala, Tandahimba and Nanyamba Districts in Mtwara Region.

Manager of RUWASA Mtwara Region, Engineer Primy Damas

"The Makonde project had dilapidated infrastructure and now the government has allocated funds to improve it and increase water service in the peripheral villages," he said.

Damas has mentioned another strategic project as a project to provide water from the Ruvuma River to Mangaka Town, Nanyumbu District, which will serve 81,330 Nanyumbu citizens.

Currently, the availability of water in villages in Mtwara region has reached 67 percent.

He said that the implementation of the two projects will increase the speed of access to rural water services and reach 85 percent by 2025.