[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Honduras Foreign Minister Reina led a special envoy to China, fearing that they will sign a communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also recalled the ambassador to Hong Kong to express our strong dissatisfaction. It also confirmed that Taiwan is seeking aid equivalent to NT$60 billion, and criticized our side for "reading and not replying."

In this regard, Ku Ling wrote bluntly: "Does anyone really care about Honduras breaking off diplomatic relations with us?"

Bitter Ling.

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Ku Ling wrote that I don't know how many people in Taiwan can name the 13 countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan, as well as their geographic location.

He asked everyone to think about it, if you were the leader of any country in the world, would you choose to establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China or the Republic of China?

He bluntly said that it is 100% the former.

He told the cruel truth that those who would choose to maintain diplomatic relations with the ROC are basically not considered "normal countries", and he also said, "Don't blame me for being too cruel."

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The reason why Taiwan is in an extreme diplomatic dilemma, Ku Ling thinks there is no way out, because the Republic of China itself is not a normal country, it is not a member of the United Nations, and it cannot join most international organizations (even if it exists, it is not in the name of the country). They had no choice but to maintain these "abnormal diplomatic relations" precariously.

He emphasized that his opinion "is not to let others' ambition destroy one's own prestige." He even believed that if China wanted Taiwan's remaining allies, it could take them all.

Ku Ling said that the reason why China did not snatch all of Taiwan's diplomatic allies was probably because it was afraid that Taiwan would say, "Anyway, no one in the world recognizes the Republic of China, so we can just change the name of the country."

However, he changed the subject and said that the United States, Japan, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, and even the EU countries all have diplomatic relations with China but not Taiwan, but the question is, "Are they better off with China or with Taiwan? Therefore, he believes that the subsequent approach has an obvious answer, and "acting without a name" is the best way to communicate with other countries and maintain Taiwan's international status.

In the end, he was sour on Honduras. Those who hesitated and wanted to break off the diplomatic relationship should just break it off. There is no need to keep them, and they can save a lot of money for the national treasury.

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