[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/New Taipei Report] Gezai opera master Chen Meiyun passed away on the 4th at the age of 72. The farewell ceremony was held at the funeral today. The posthumous photos are stills of Chen Meiyun's interpretation of Zheng Yuanhe in "Li Wa Biography".

Her son Chen Yueliang mourned and cried at the farewell ceremony: "You are a national treasure, why didn't you get up after you fell down? Mom! I miss you so much."

He has been in and out of prison 6 times in the past, most of the crimes are guns, gang robbery, and the frightening kidnapping for ransom. He served more than 3 years in Taitung and participated in the composition of "I'm sorry I love you" on Mother's Day in the prison for 99 years. ", won the third best work, he choked up and said: "I didn't expect this composition to be used as a memorial essay."

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Gezai opera master Chen Meiyun.

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He thinks that what he did in the past was devoid of conscience, "When my relatives rejected me, it was you who forgave me with love. The day before my mother served her sentence, she said, "I am still waiting for my good son to come back" and gave me a deep hug. Love touches me".

At the farewell ceremony, Lu Xuefeng, Tang Meiyun, Di Mei and others were present to pay their respects. Among them, when Wang Jinying and Xiao Mi were interviewed, Wang Jinying could not bear the grief and said: "I am surprised. We only had dinner and took pictures together two weeks ago. The relationship is very good." Xiao Mi also added that Chen Meiyun seemed to be in good spirits at the time, telling jokes with everyone, but she did not expect to pass away so suddenly.

The two also mentioned interesting things about their relationship in the past. Xiao Mi recalled that they went to Singapore to perform together once, and felt Chen Meiyun's bold personality.

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