Chief Physician of Dar es Salaam Region Dr.

Rashid Mfaume has announced the regional strategy to control the Marburg disease in Kagera region.

Speaking to HabariLeo, Dr. Mfaume said that the diagnostic machines for epidemic diseases including Covid 19, Ebola, which were closed at the Mwalimu Nyerere International Stadium for foreign travelers, have been moved to the old stadium which is used by domestic travelers.

He has said that they have done so due to the large overlap that exists due to the planes that land every day from Kagera or others via Kagera and neighboring regions such as Mwanza and Kigoma

He has also said that they have installed disease detection machines at the Magufuli Mbezi Luis station, where all the buses have specialists who have forms that are filled and monitored for all passengers coming in, especially from Kagera regions and neighboring regions.

"The follow-up does not only look at the symptoms, even those who have mixed with people, the goal is to ensure that Marburg's disease does not enter Dar es Salaam." He said.

However, Dr. Mfaume has said that the first duty of self-defense is for the citizen to avoid gathering in unnecessary crowds following the outbreaks of Ebola disease in DRC Congo, Cholera Malawi and Marburg Kagera.

"Many Kariakoo businessmen are from Congo, the first responsibility is the citizens themselves, they should follow the ways they have been instructed to protect themselves, avoid crowds, avoid greeting by holding hands, hugging, washing hands with running water and soap, avoid attending the funeral of someone whose death his are not known" He said

Marburg, Ebola brothers:

Dr. Mfaume said that the Ebola and Marburg viruses are the same family, scientifically, the way of infection is similar, the people who were most at risk were the people who were sick for a long time.

"This disease infects a person with symptoms different from Covid 19, a person can infect you even if he has no symptoms.

"The Marburg virus is found in all kinds of fluids, whether it is sweat, saliva, vomit, or having sex with someone who is already infected." He said.

Symptoms of Marburg

The symptoms of the disease include cough, joint pain, diarrhea and vomiting, and often even anemia in the body.

You suddenly start with fever, headache, muscle aches, stomach aches and nausea