Cook raided the Apple Store in Sanlitun, Beijing, China yesterday (24th) afternoon.

(Picture / Flip Weibo)

Apple CEO Cook's appearance in China has become a hot topic on Weibo, not only because it is his first visit to China since 2019, but also because of a photo of him with a Xiaomi phone.

Back to yesterday (24th) afternoon, when Cook raided the Apple Store in Sanlitun, Beijing, Apple fans in the store crowded and scrambled for a group photo, but one Apple fan came up to take a selfie with him with a Xiaomi phone, and it was the latest Cook also took a photo with a polite smile on the Mi 13 Pro that was launched on the market. The side shot of this picture quickly became popular on Weibo.

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A fruit fan in the store took a selfie with Cook with a Xiaomi phone.

(Picture / Flip Weibo)

Netizens in China and Taiwan laughed, "Fake fruit powder", "Look at Cook's awkward and polite smile", "Lei Jun feels touched", "Cook is the best spokesperson for Xiaomi", "Will it still be taken by Xiaomi Go as a promotional advertisement", "Take such a long plane to help Xiaomi advertise", "Rice noodles with fruit noodles".

However, from the photos, it seems that this fan holding a Xiaomi phone should be a foreigner.

According to reports, Cook's trip was to participate in the China Development Forum, which was the first physical event resumed after the 2019 epidemic. Many international business figures also attended, including Samsung Group Chairman Lee Jae-yong.

Cook's visit to China, on the other hand, was also bitterly criticized by Little Pink, because while he was welcomed by a superstar at the Apple Store in Sanlitun, Beijing, TikTok CEO Zhou Shouzi was being severely questioned at a hearing in the United States.

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