Adu appeared at the venue and was surrounded by enthusiastic fans.

(Photo by reporter Yang Xinhan)

[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Lin Qiuli, a heavyweight in the Chinese music scene, passed away on December 11 last year at the age of 62. His family will hold a "Thank you for your love" commemorative concert on the 5th floor of Sanchuang tonight. His love Tu Adu specially flew from Singapore to Taiwan to participate. Lin Junjie was holding a tour in Hong Kong, so he was unable to attend.

Adu has not been to Taiwan for at least 4 years. When he appeared at the venue earlier, he was immediately surrounded by more than 10 fans chatting, taking photos, and even giving gifts.

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When Lin Qiu passed away last year, Adu expressed his sadness, thanking his mentor for his cultivation and teaching, "He always encouraged me to persevere. Without him, I would not be where I am today."

Adu had a low-key interview earlier. The last time he saw Lin Qiuli was about 4 years ago. He also cared about the situation of his wife. "She is in good condition, and both parties have been in touch." Due to the heavy security at the event site, he did not say much. In a word, he was pulled into the arena by the staff.

Lin Qiuli's concert tonight gathered 250 relatives and friends. The title of the concert "Thank you for your love" is taken from the Mandarin classic of the king Andy Lau. It is the creation of Lin Qiuli and Xiong Meiling.

Lin Qiuli's commemorative concert will be held in Taipei tonight.

(Photo by reporter Yang Xinhan)

Xiong Meiling, Lin Qiuli's widow, wrote in the invitation letter: "Today, we don't say goodbye. We express our thanks and love." He believes that this concert is not the end of longing, but a transit point for another journey, "Hua The process of turning sentimentality into strength is actually not easy, so we chose a night to accompany each other and see each other like old friends.”

Xiong Meiling revealed that many singers, musicians and guests were invited tonight to relive the biography of Teacher Qiuli through music, performances and stories.

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