Chen Libo, chairman of the Chen Chengbo Cultural Foundation, shared his feelings about donating Chen Chengbo's most precious legacy "Clear Stream".

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin) 

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] Chen Chengbo's most classic posthumous work "Clear Stream" was donated to the Tainan Art Museum by Chen Libo, chairman of the Chen Chengbo Cultural Foundation, on behalf of his family today (25th). The earlier paintings in 1914, and all the paintings were preserved by his grandmother Zhang Jie all his life. Today, a hundred years later, the family found out after sorting out the paintings. The former Taiwanese were so romantic!"

Chen Libo said that his grandfather lost his father in his early years and was entrusted to be raised by his relatives. He was so poor that "he didn't even have a single suitcase". He married his grandmother in 1918. As for his 1914 painting, it is estimated that he was only 19 years old at the time. She is a student who studied painting under the famous painter Kinichiro Ishikawa, and her grandma is only 15 years old. "Could it be a little girlfriend given to her by grandpa?" Taiwanese people were so romantic a hundred years ago. All life, "Don't we continue to be romantic? Of course not."

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Chen Libo said that it took a lot of effort to preserve Chen Chengbo's paintings forever. For the family, "it is a liability, not an asset", but to the national government, "it is an asset, not a liability". After the heirloom was listed as a national antiquity, the descendants of the Chen family were relieved, and the curse of the grandfather's will no longer bound the descendants of the Chen family.

He also said humorously: "Our four children, spouses and descendants of the Chen family were all present to witness, and we will not come to argue in the future."

Chen Chengbo's most classic posthumous work "Clear Stream" was donated at the South American Museum today, and the national antiquities remain in Tainan.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)

Chen Libo joked that director Yao Wenzhi had a huge budget for the Chen Chengbo TV series, and his family was touched and in a dilemma. He thought "sell "Qingliu", the money will be enough", and he can also buy a big mansion. "After suffering for a long time, I still donate it Go", just as Minister of Culture Shi Zhe said, "If you sell it, you won't come back", so I had to ask Yao to continue raising funds.

Chen Libo said that the South American Museum should become more localized and internationalized, and it must not be talked about. Whether it is contemporary works or modern works, it is hoped that through the exchange of collections with the world, the cultural depth will be drawn out. Therefore, the Foundation cooperates with the Vancouver Art Museum of Canada in the planning , a joint exhibition of Chen Chengbo's works and Canadian cultural national treasure EMILY CARR's works. The curator of the Vancouver Art Museum is expected to come to Taiwan in October. It is hoped that the international joint exhibition will take place in 2025 or 2026. The South American Pavilion will join in the grand event.

At the beginning of the preparation of the South American Pavilion, the Chen family generously donated 20 works of Chen Chengbo, this is the second donation.

Chen Libai said that the works collected by the foundation will not flow into the commercial market, and the goal is only to donate to the national government, and there is a chance to donate to the South American Pavilion in the future.

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