[Reporter Liao Lihui/Comprehensive Report] Jiang Daniel, who debuted as the C position of the limited group "Wanna One" in 2017, will come to Taiwan for the first time to hold a solo concert on April 13. Tickets will officially go on sale at 12 noon on the 25th.

Kang Daniel will hold his first solo concert in Taiwan in April.

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Jiang Daniel once held a fan meeting in Taiwan in 2019, attracting a large number of DANITY (fan name). This is his first time to hold a solo concert in Taiwan. He will appear in ZEPP NEW TAIPEI on April 13. For this reason, he specially recorded English The video says hello to Taiwan's DANITY: "My first solo concert is coming to Taiwan. I look forward to seeing you on April 13th. Let's sing carnival and rock together for my first solo concert! See you in Taiwan!"

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Kang Daniel stood out from the second season of the Korean talent show "PRODUCE 101" in 2017 and became the C of the limited-time group "Wanna One". After debuting as an individual in 2019, he has been active in different fields such as film and television and music .

Last year, he acted as the leading actor in the Korean TV drama "The Rookie of the Police Academy". He was selected as one of the "most suitable for uniforms" male stars for his uniform styling of police college students, and hosted the variety show "Street Man Fighter".

Jiang Daniel shouted to fans: "See you in Taiwan!" (provided by Yichen Integrated Marketing)

In terms of music, Kang Daniel's first mini-album "Color on me" sold 500,000 copies and was certified double platinum. Afterwards, "MAGENTA", "YELLOW" and "The Story" albums each achieved more than 100,000 copies. Excellent results in sales of 300,000 copies.

He has launched the "KANGDANIEL CONCERT FIRST PARADE WORLD TOUR" world tour since 2022. This year, he will start from Malaysia and tour to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Singapore, the United States, Canada and other countries.

In order to repay the love of fans, Jiang Daniel specially prepared rich ticket purchase benefits for DANITY in Taipei, including GROUP PHOTOS group photo benefits, SEND OFF benefits, exclusive autographed POSTCARD for the Taipei show, and the most unique POLAROID signed by Jiang Daniel Lide.

For details, please go to the Ticket plus Yuanda ticketing system and all ibon machines in Taiwan to purchase tickets.

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