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Viktor Stoyanov and Evgeni Genchev have a lot in common.

The two are not only participants in the same show, but had direct access to the pop-folk guild.

The fact is that both of them have an enviable resume with participation in various pop-folk projects.

Evgeni even accompanied on the piano in a piece by the folk singer Lorena, who is a friend of Galena.

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Viktor has participated in countless pop-folk music videos, including the song "Old Caravan".

The video features another boy who looks strikingly similar to Evgeny.

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Some users on the net even claim that it is about Evgeni Genchev.

There is a moment in the video where Victor is particularly close to the boy in question.

However, the Vbox7 channel writes that after all, Evgeni Genchev did not take part in Galena's video.

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