TWICE released a new album, and the members worked hard to promote it.

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The 12th mini-album "READY TO BE" of the popular South Korean girl group TWICE was officially released on March 10. As the first wave of the title song "SET ME FREE" was broadcast on various channels, 9 members also played "SET ME FREE" FREE Challenge” event, inviting friends from all walks of life to dance together <SET ME FREE>, even the Empire State Building danced with TWICE.

The Empire State Building is dressed in TWICE's support colors.

Every time TWICE releases a new album, the members of the group will launch Challenge activities. From friends in the entertainment industry to behind-the-scenes staff who have never been seen in public, they are all invited by TWICE to show off their dancing skills.

After the release of the title song "SET ME FREE", popular singers including Cui Ranjun, Fu Shengkuan, and Sim Baoluo played the "SET ME FREE Challenge" together, which shows TWICE's popularity in the entertainment industry.

Tzuyu's new album looks sweet and sexy. 

Today (24th), TWICE’s official IG released a new video of “SET ME FREE Challenge”. This time, 9 members of the team boarded the Empire State Building (Empire State Building) in New York, and played “SET ME FREE Challenge” with Emma Pire, the mascot of the Empire State Building. FREE Challenge”, the team members carefully taught Emma Pire the decomposition movements of the dance, and the picture was amusing; another video showed that all 9 team members squeezed into the famous gold steel statue of the Empire State Building, pretending to be caught by gold steel, asking fans ONCE to come quickly The exaggerated expression of rescue is also super cute.

Among them, Zhou Ziyu, the most popular member of the Taiwanese group, wears braided hair with short skirts and stockings. She looks like a high school student and makes all kinds of funny moves. Tzuyu", brush a row of hearts to express support.

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