"Behind a chronic cough that lasts more than 4 weeks, tuberculosis can be hidden. The so-called "smoker's cough" can also be tuberculosis. We must seek medical help in time and not ignore this disease," said the pulmonologist Sofia Angelova in the show "The Day Begins" on BNT. 

"In a dried sputum, the tuberculosis bacterium can exist for weeks. That is why people should not spew and spit in the streets, this can infect many people, even children," commented the specialist in lung diseases. 

Alarming statistics: The hidden incidence of tuberculosis is growing because of Covid

Dr. Angelova said that the incidence of tuberculosis has been falling in recent years. 

"Covid-19 has created the conditions for many people not to seek medical help on time. We are already seeing a late form of tuberculosis, so we urge people to go to the doctor on time," she also commented.