Morning Weight Loss Habits: These habits help in weight loss.  

Weight Loss:

Increasing body weight can be troubling to anyone.

First the clothes start getting tight and then problems related to health start happening, so different.

But, rarely get time to do gym, yoga or exercise for weight loss.

Especially working people find it difficult to find time for weight loss.

But, if some important things are taken care of, then the weight can be reduced slowly but surely.

Here some such morning habits are being told, which if adopted every morning, then the weight of the body itself starts decreasing. 

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Weight Loss Habits |

Habits That Help In Weight Loss 

drinking water on an empty stomach 

Waking up in the morning and washing hands and mouth, drinking water on an empty stomach is beneficial.

Try to drink warm water at least half an hour before eating anything in the morning.

Hot water proves helpful in weight loss.

Also, if you want, you can drink this water by mixing one spoon of chia seeds. 

eat nutritious breakfast 

Try to include those things in breakfast which prove helpful in weight loss.

Avoid eating fried or spicy food excessively.

Poha, idli, upma, semolina chilla, gram flour chilla, oats and porridge etc. prove to be good options for breakfast. 

Hot water now and then 

You must consume maximum water throughout the day, but, there is also some exact time when fat starts melting after drinking hot water.

Whenever you eat something, take lukewarm water 20 minutes after that. 

eat something in the mid-morning 

After having breakfast, do not wait to eat something till lunch.

You eat something in the mid morning i.e. between 10:30 to 11:30.

You can eat apple, orange or any seasonal fruit.

Apart from this, you can also drink buttermilk, green tea or coconut water. 

lunch time 

Along with what you are eating, when you are eating it also affects your weight.

Try to have dinner by 8 in the night.

After this, do not eat anything before 8 am the next morning.

This automatically adapts your body to intermittent fasting and helps in reducing weight. 

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