The sea of ​​victory is full of challenges… Jawans patrolling the border even in the blizzard

Due to the brave soldiers posted on the borders of the country, people like us are able to sleep peacefully at night.

They continue to serve the nation despite being posted in remote areas where the conditions are very bad.

From time to time videos of such bravehearts keep coming on the internet and thanking us for their selfless service.

Recently one such video of a jawan was posted on Twitter by the official profile of BSF Kashmir.

In the video, the brave jawan can be seen walking through a snow-covered area on the Kashmir border and patrolling the area.

Watch Video:

The sea of ​​victory is full of challenges,

but I also have a spirit to get that victory.

Kashmir Frontier.

Border Security Force - Always alert

— BSF Kashmir (@BSF_Kashmir) March 23, 2023

It is written in the caption, “The ocean of victory is full of challenges, but I also have the passion to get that victory.

Kashmir border.

Border Security Force - Always alert."

The post has been viewed over 30,000 times and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

People are not tired of praising the soldier in the comment section.

Many people commented that how these soldiers protect the country by putting their lives at stake.

Some even requested for more such videos as such videos provide immense inspiration to the society.