Shi Lang, a veteran Japanese male star group, once played the returning Superman, and is also the prototype of the dynamic Superman in Crayon Shin-chan.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Japan's veteran male star group Tokiro (real name Murata Hideo) died of lung cancer at 4:14 am on the 22nd Japan time at the age of 74.

The National Health Administration stated that the early symptoms of lung cancer are difficult to detect, but if you have a persistent cough that does not improve or cough up blood, shortness of breath, persistent chest pain, hoarseness, joint pain, weight loss, etc., you should seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid regrets. Call on the public to recommend low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) screening to minimize the risk of cancer.

Tokiro, a senior Japanese male star group, was famous for playing the role of "Go Hideki" in "The Return of Ultraman", and the dynamic superman protagonist "Go Taro" in the anime "Crayon Shin-chan" is a reference to this role.

In the summer of 2017, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Despite the pain, he continued to work in the performing arts. His condition worsened at the end of last year and he passed away on Wednesday.

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Aware of early symptoms, seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid delay in treatment

The National Health Administration pointed out that although the standardized mortality rate of lung cancer in my country has been declining for 9 consecutive years, it still ranks first in the cause of cancer death in Taiwan. A total of 9,629 people died of lung cancer in 109 years, accounting for one-fifth (19.2%) of all cancer deaths. .

In addition, the initial symptoms of lung cancer are not obvious, but if the following symptoms appear, although it may not be caused by lung cancer, it is still recommended to seek medical consultation and evaluation to find out the cause and early diagnosis and treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

● A persistent cough that doesn't get better.

● Coughing up blood-tinged sputum or coughing up blood.

● Shortness of breath and wheezing sound.

● Chest pain that persists and gets worse.

● The voice is hoarse.

● Bone and joint pain.

● Weight loss and loss of appetite without warning.

6 Risk Factors for Lung Cancer

According to the National Health Service, there are many causes of lung cancer, including smoking, air pollution, workplace (such as asbestos, arsenic) or home environment exposure (such as radon), family history of lung cancer, and history of lung-related diseases (such as asthma , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis), cooking without using a range hood, etc., will increase the risk of lung cancer.

The National Health Administration further stated that the cooking habits of Chinese people are different from those in Europe and the United States, because long-term exposure to cooking fumes has potential health risks to the human body.

According to previous studies on lung cancer among non-smoking females in Taiwan, women who did not use range hoods while cooking had an 8.3 times higher risk of developing lung cancer than those who did.

LDCT screening can reduce cancer risk

The National Health Administration reminds that if you want to prevent lung cancer, it is recommended that the public can pass the LDCT screening, which can reduce the death rate of heavy smokers by 20%.

It is a computerized tomography examination of the chest, which has the opportunity to detect lung cancer early, especially for the detection of lung nodules smaller than 1 cm, with higher sensitivity.

At the same time, according to the size of the nodule and the morphological characteristics of the CT image, the possibility of benignity and malignancy is evaluated, and follow-up clinical treatment suggestions are provided.

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