[Reporter Xu Shiying/Taipei Report] "Irish Love Song Poet" Damien Rice (Damien Rice) has been unable to gather with fans from all over the world due to the epidemic in recent years, and finally started a new concert tour starting from major European cities in March this year Yes, he will also tour Asia in May. In addition to Seoul, Singapore, and Thailand, he will also perform in Taipei. After visiting Taiwan again after 7 years, he also hopes to create more music together with fans in Taiwan. beautiful memories.

Damien Rice came to Taiwan for the first time in 2016 to sing.

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

Damien released his first album "O" in 2002, which achieved considerable success with sales of more than 15 million copies worldwide.

Among them, the song "The Blower's Daughter" was also featured in the movie "Affair", which made him famous and became the first song most people began to know about him. Many musicians also loved it very much, including well-known singers such as Tanya Tsai, Jolin Tsai, and Wei Li'an They've all been sung.

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In 2006, Damien released his second album "9", which continued his beautiful and affectionate folk style, and the song "9 Crimes" included in it has also become another masterpiece of his.

However, after 8 years of silence, they released their third album "My Favorite Faded Fantasy", a new work that combines poetic and urban feeling. It received unanimous praise from the industry as soon as it was released, and also responded to the expectations of music fans around the world.

Damien's music combines various elements such as folk, pop and alternative rock. He is known for his unique voice and songwriting style, and is also praised by music critics and fans.

Especially his affectionate and sad lyrics can always resonate with people.

His style is described as beautiful and affectionate ballads, with simple and steady melody, penetrating lyrics, full of personal emotions and profound philosophical thinking, always able to conquer the hearts of countless lonely people in the city.

Damien Rice will come to Taiwan to sing again after 7 years in May.

(Provided by Kaili Entertainment)

In addition to creating excellent music works, Damien's live performances are of a very high standard. He is always full of passion and sensibility on the stage. In May 2016, he came to Taiwan for the first time to sing and attracted many music fans. This concert will be like his previous style, with a deep voice paired with simple instruments, a guitar or a simple piano soundtrack, allowing the audience to completely immerse themselves in his singing and music world.

Damien expressed his excitement about coming to Taiwan to sing again. He also recalled that the last time was at the TICC Taipei International Convention Center. In addition to inviting fans to come on stage to drink red wine and sing together at the concert, he couldn’t stop singing after the concert. Fans raided the entrance on the first floor and sang "I Don't Want to Change You" more.

When asked if he would give fans such a surprise this time, he said that he hadn't thought of it yet, but fans can look forward to it.

Damien's tour started from major cities in Europe in March, toured to Australia in April, and toured Asia in May and June, and performed in Spain in July.

The Taipei performance will start at TICC at 19:30 on May 31st. The ticket prices for all seats are divided into 4600, 3800, 3200 and 2800. The ticket sales will start at 10:00 am on Sunday (26th) at Kaili , You can also contact KKTIX and Family Mart convenience stores in Taiwan.

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