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The folk singer Maria was beaten by her husband Miroslav Sokolov, Telegraph claims, citing its sources.

This happened on March 21 of this year.

in an apartment on "Zlaten rog" street in Sofia after a dispute between the two.

According to initial reports, Miro lost his temper and began slapping the folk diva, punching her in the head, before knocking her to the ground and kicking her in the body.

Then Maria reported to the police.

The singer has taken out a medical for the injuries.

In front of the uniforms, the minion told that Miro did not assault her for the first time, and even threatened her with a gun resting on her head. Maria's husband was arrested and charged with threatening to kill and causing minor bodily harm in domestic conditions violence.

He was detained for a period of up to 72 hours and the Sofia District Court is about to consider his remand order.

36-year-old Miroslav Sokolov is Maria's third husband.

The two got married at the end of 2021 and live in the singer's home.

Maria has a daughter Maria from her first marriage.

Sokolov has not been convicted and has no criminal records.

Maria blew up the web with a new video from the island of Corfu

Lawyers comment that reporting to the police immediately after the incident helps in the investigation.

After the actress Diana Dimitrova announced that she had been beaten by her colleague Julian Vergov, the prosecutor's office took up the case, but due to the 5-year delay in the report, the lack of a medical examination and the discrepancies in her testimony and those of the witnesses, no pre-trial proceedings were initiated .

It is important to talk about violence against women, experts commented to "Telegraph".

It is necessary for the victims themselves to do it in a timely manner in order for it to have an effect and for the aggressors to be punished.

Experts warn that cases where victims of domestic violence remain silent about their experiences can end in murder.

No such thing.

I have not submitted anything, I have not withdrawn anything, folk singer Maria told "Telegraph". 

Lawyers comment that cases of domestic violence are very difficult to prove, because victims in a large percentage of cases refuse their initial statements.

Their call is for the victims to report to the police and the prosecutor's office and not to give up or change their testimony, so that the perpetrators are caught and punished.