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The CEO of Starbucks (Starbucks), Laxman Narasimhan, announced in a written statement to employees of the global chain of cafes that every month he will work for half a day in one of the establishments of the corporation, reported CBS, quoted by BTA.

Narasimhan officially took over at Starbucks on Monday and is expected to preside over the company's annual shareholder meeting today.

He joined the company in October last year and spent months studying its business model.

It also included 40 hours of training as a barista (a specialist in the preparation and presentation of coffee drinks), during which Narasimhan donned the famous green apron worn by some Starbucks coffee shop employees, according to CBS .

Meanwhile, employees of the chain and trade unionists organized a protest in front of the headquarters of the corporation, in the American city of Seattle.

They protested against attempts by its leadership to "smash", in their words, their trade unions, ABC reported.

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Organizers of the protest announced that employees at more than 100 retail outlets of the chain in 40 American cities participated in the labor protests, but the corporation disputed their stated scale.

Starbucks said "almost all of its locations remained open," but did not specify how many were closed due to the strike action.

At the end of November last year, Starbucks announced that it was closing a store in Seattle, the chain's hometown, where its employees formed their first union.

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