Tang Xiaotian (right) and Xing Fei had a sweet interaction in "My Little Fortune".

(Courtesy of Elda TV)

[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Xing Fei and Tang Xiaotian starred in the sweet pet drama "My Little Fortune". The two partnered again after the 2019 broadcast of "To Our Warm Hours", and netizens flocked Leaving comments such as "This time I finally won Gu Weiyi", "This time, you married Xing Fei home", to which Tang Xiaotian half-jokingly replied: "The script of "Little Light" is inclined to Gu Weiyi, otherwise Who can take that away from me. Get back what you lost!" Fei Xing, who was at the side, replied silently, "I will be yours after all." From the interaction, it is not difficult to see the good friendship between the two.

Xing Fei (left) and Tang Xiaotian had many kissing scenes in "My Little Fortune".

(Courtesy of Elda TV)

Xing Fei and Tang Xiaotian play lawyers and surgeons respectively, when asked about the most similarity between each other and the characters, Xing Fei first said seriously: "Charisma, Tang Xiaotian usually looks carefree, but when he is serious, he 'scares you to death'. Tang Xiaotian said: "Xing Fei's attitude towards work is the same as Cong Rong's. They are 100% career-focused people." Then they also chatted about the sweetest scene in their hearts. Tang Xiaotian said without hesitation: "It should be us The moment the two got married, it felt like remarriage, a second marriage.”

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"Wen Shaoqing" played by Tang Xiaotian is a master at teasing girls, and he almost talks about the earthy love words. When recalling the filming process, he said with a smile: "Sometimes we are so close that we can even feel each other's breath. At this time You still have to flirt, and then you often laugh." Xing Fei nodded in approval and said, "Wen Shaoqing's "flirty skill" should have 95 points, and Tang Xiaotian will have 3 points more than him, because Tang Xiaotian will have Wen Shaoqing. "

"My Little Fortune" Tang Xiaotian (left) is too good at kissing, and Xing Fei certified that "he is really good at leading!" (Provided by Elda TV)

Xing Fei and Tang Xiaotian are called "Scallions CP". Not only are they good morning hugs, kisses at work, cuddles after work, but they are also basic styles. They not only have a lot of kissing scenes, but also mouth-to-mouth happy candies and big weddings In the first night, relevant keywords such as "Xing Fei Tang Xiaotian deleted the kiss scene" and "Tang Xiaotian's Adam's apple" became hot searches. Xing Fei said: "Teacher Tang is very good at kissing, he is very good at this, and he is very skilled at showing Let me complete this scene, so this is also his charm!" Tang Xiaotian who was on the side shyly added "I acquiesce".

The plot of "My Little Fortune" tells the reunion of trainee lawyer "Cong Rong (played by Xing Fei)" and surgeon "Wen Shaoqing (played by Tang Xiaotian)" as childhood sweethearts. A story from rejoicing friends to accompanying each other.

From March 29th, Monday to Friday at 8:00 p.m., it will be broadcast on Elda Film and Drama Channel.

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