[Reporter Liao Lihui/Comprehensive Report] The Japanese drama "If only I said it a million times" co-starred by Mao Inoue and Takeru Sato, from the shocking turning point at the end of episode 9, to the final episode (episode 10) where the two are at the beach , Takeru Sato shed tears, staring at the scene where Mao Inoue kept yelling "I love you", which made netizens unbearable, and the tears couldn't stop. , It's really sad", "I hope I can tell her a million times", and even more praised this is a series of laughter, heartbeat and sadness.

Mao Inoue (left) and Takeru Sato starred in the Japanese drama "I wish I had said it a million times" was officially completed.

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"If only I said it a million times" performed well in the winter season. The ending episode scored 7.3% of the ratings. It entered the top three in the "Series I want to see the ending episode". " in "2023 Favorite Winter Series Character" dominated the audience, and his performance was well received by the audience, especially the action of communicating with the heroine through whistles. The two showed their true love "separated from Yin and Yang". Many viewers were moved.

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The scene of Takeru Sato (front) and Mao Inoue watching the sea at the beach made many netizens cry.

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In addition, the strongest combination of turtleneck sweater and long coat worn by Sato Takeru in the play made him known as "the most suitable man in the world for turtleneck sweaters". is justice."

Takeru Sato will come to Taiwan next Monday, and what kind of appearance he will appear on the stage is very exciting.

"If only I said it a million times" has been released on friDay Video Collection.

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