Chen Guanrui won the 22nd place and successfully advanced.

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[Reporter Liao Lihui/Comprehensive Report] Korean men's team talent show "BOYS PLANET" this week ushered in the second stage of the ranking announcement, and the top 9 have undergone drastic changes.

Li Huize (HUI), a highly discussed member of PENTAGON, has been in the top 9 for several times, but this time he dropped from 7th to 11th, and fell off his debut position. When the results were announced, the trainees were all shocked , instantly frightened silly.

In addition, JAY, who has both popularity and strength in the early stage, has always been in the top 9 positions, and this time he ranks 12th, which is also quite surprising.

Cheng Hanbin (left) won the first place again, and Zhang Hao also gave his blessing generously.

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Cheng Hanbin continued to win the first place that attracted much attention, but this time the person who joined him as an alternate was the popular contestant Zhang Hao who developed a good relationship and tacit understanding with him in the second performance .

Although the two are both C positions in their respective groups of the theme song, they have always maintained a revolutionary emotion of mutual support. Even while waiting for the announcement of the results, the two held each other's hands and gave each other encouragement.

In the end, Cheng Hanbin defeated Zhang Hao with 7.14 million votes and successfully secured the first place.

He also thanked the fans excitedly and said: "I will not stand still in the future, I will work harder to guard the first to the last." He even said kindly in Chinese at the end: "Because of you, I will be stronger Alright, Star Creators stickers!"

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In addition, Zhang Hao, who showed a different charm in the last performance, successfully rose from the 5th place to the 2nd place this time, and his ranking has improved significantly.

He also thanked the fans in three languages, "Although the current Zhang Hao is not perfect, I will try my best to show you the stage that is more than you expected. It will also prove that everyone likes the trainee Zhang Hao is correct. Thank you all for supporting me (Japanese). You are my confidence, and I am working hard to be your pride (Chinese). Thank you again!" The friendship and mutual appreciation between the two Cs touched a large number of people. Fans shouted "Double C to the top!", "Let's debut together!"

Li Huize (HUI) fell out of the top 9, frightening the contestants present.

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The top 9 picks for the second stage are Cheng Hanbin, Zhang Hao, Han Weichen, SEOK Matthew, Kim Dixiong, Kim Kuibin, Kim Tailai, KEITA, and Park Ganxu.

Among them, Zhang Hao, Shi Matthew, and KEITA are the trainees of Group G, and the remaining 6 are all trainees of Group K.

Among them, powerful vocalist Kim Tae Rae and manly charisma Park Gan Wook entered the top 9 for the first time.

The "Taiwan boy" Chen Guanrui, who performed brilliantly in the performance last week, performed in the VOCAL&DANCE group, amazed everyone with his beautiful dancing posture, and danced like a butterfly, which was appreciated by the audience and the instructors present. It also rose 4 places from 26th to 22nd, and successfully got the chance to perform in the next round.

When the results were announced, the trainees congratulated him one after another, which shows Chen Guanrui's popularity in the show.

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