Ukrainian brand


presented a spring collection dedicated to women - their beauty, strength and fragility.

The founders of the brand, Marta Romanynets and Ira Vityk, put thoughts about the female body, its sexuality and femininity into the basis of the line.

The collection is made of transparent fabrics, fitted silhouettes and unusual accessories for the brand - flower brooches and knitted flower chokers.

The flower became the symbol of the collection.

She personifies beauty, love and life.

The collection includes suit pants with a corset belt that must be worn inside out, ribbed waistcoats, a pink cotton trench coat, a denim suit consisting of a jacket and high-rise jeans.

The most romantic thing in the line was a semi-transparent blouse with a polka dot print, a V-neckline and a dropped shoulder line.

A special detail of the blouse was a flower that can be attached to the collar.

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