The Moon is in the earth sign Taurus until 03:43 on March 26

Avoid unmotivated actions and places where there are many people.

It is appropriate to pamper yourself with a relaxing and relaxing massage.

To lift and improve your mood, you need to eat something delicious and watch something beautiful.

The neck, throat, thyroid gland are vulnerable.

Surgery in these areas is not recommended.

This does not apply to emergencies.

Avoid cold drinks as well as shouting.

Postpone a visit to the dentist unless it's an emergency.

Lunar calendar: Lasts 3 lunar days until 07:45 on March 24

Next 4 lunar day from 07:45 on March 24 to 08:11 on March 25

Symbol of the day is the tree of knowledge, a choice between good and evil.

The day our forefathers tasted of the forbidden fruit and were cast out of Paradise.

Usually the day passes quietly and calmly.

It is good to spend time in solitude, devoting yourself to your favorite hobby.

Take time for yourself and your loved ones.

It is not a good time for collective work.

Physical exertion should be avoided.

Be careful and avoid unreasonable actions, hasty decisions.

Today's motto is: "Measure ten times and cut once".

This is the most successful time to choose.

Consider all options and then analyze which choice matches your life values.

Many secrets may become public today, and the words spoken may turn against you.

Today the world reflects thoughts, feelings, problems and shortcomings like a mirror.

A special time when it is impossible to hide your true face.

If your partner's or child's behavior seems irritating today, think about it.

What annoys you in them is also there in you.

If you are now giving advice to a friend about the solution to their problem, you can easily see the solution to your own problems.

Today, all words have a special power and therefore a conscious attitude is required.

"A word spoken, a stone thrown."

What is said once cannot be taken back, and even a bad word accidentally dropped can cause harm.

And the words spoken with a good intention will go for good.

A hard day for the body.

If you have problems with your muscles or neck today, it means that you are breaking the laws of the universe, you are going against the divine.

The 4th lunar day is not suitable for surgical interventions, even medical procedures should not be carried out.

Liver, skin, circulatory and lymphatic systems are vulnerable.

Allergic reactions are also possible.

Illnesses that started today are usually severe and if attention is not paid in time, they can become chronic.

Be careful about your intimate relationships, especially if you are not married.

Use lighter positions in sex.

The risk of sexually transmitted diseases is high if you are with a casual partner.

Refrain from purchases, especially if your desire arose spontaneously.

Haircut is not recommended.