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There is no shortage of medicines in the pharmacy network and in hospitals, said the Acting Minister of Health, Dr. Asen Medzhidiev

Dr. Asen Medjidiev was born in 1968. He graduated from the Higher Medical Institute in Razgrad in front of journalists.

He met with the executive director of the Razgrad hospital Dr. Stanimir Georgiev, with the deputy mayor Dobrin Dobrev and with the regional governor Dragomir Zlatev.

In response to a question about missing drugs for scarlet fever, the health minister indicated that he was hearing this for the first time, BTA reports. 

"Usually, scarlet fever is treated with antibiotics, and we have antibiotics in the pharmacy network.

The Ministry made efforts for the medicines, which were in greatest shortage in all of Europe, and four days ago we loaded 27,560 packs of Ozempik, 12,500 packs of Fiasp, which will satisfy the market for the next four months," Minister Medjidiev explained.

He pointed out that there was a problem with the supply of Ventolin, but this, he said, was a problem throughout Europe.

The Minister of Health also indicated that there is an assurance of receiving quantities of Pulmicort from next month. 

27,650 packs of Ozempic were delivered today in Bulgaria

Medzhidiev also said that medications are regularly monitored, although in his words the so-called SESPA system is imperfect and, in his opinion, should be corrected.

"We have prepared a bill to fix this tracking system and the moment we have parliament, immediately the Ministry of Health will introduce these amendments to the law so that we can get adequate control that the state can exercise on wholesalers, the re-export of medicines and all these mechanisms," added the Minister of Health.

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