All kinds of swords displayed in Qingyun Jianjian Art Museum.

(Photographed by reporter Zhang Xiesheng)

[Reporter Zhang Xiesheng/Report from Nantou] Do you know how Zhao Zilong, the famous Shu Han general in the Three Kingdoms era, got his sword, Qinghong Sword (also known as Qinghong Sword)?

How did Qi Jiguang, a famous anti-Japanese general in the Ming Dynasty, repel the Japanese army with the Qi family knife?

From tomorrow (25th) to April 12th, the Cultural Bureau of Nantou County will hold a sword creation exhibition by Chen Chongzhi, a descendant of Chen Tianyang, a master of sword making. Historical stories, and there are many peerless swords that appear in the world of swords, lights, swords and shadows in martial arts novels, will lead viewers to experience the beauty and cultural charm of sword art.

The Nantou County Cultural Bureau pointed out that Master Chen Chongzhi is the eldest grandson and third-generation successor of the late Taiwanese national craftsman Chen Tianyang.

Chen Tianyang is known as a rare swordsmith in Taiwan for 400 years. He founded the Qingyun Swordsmith Art Museum. Chen Chongzhi was carefully taught by his grandfather since he was a child. The design of the blade also implies the image of "heart", combining elegance and strength, showing its unique aesthetic point of view and creative style.

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Chen Chongzhi's sword creation exhibition exhibits the Qingzhi sword, a peerless sword passed down from the Three Kingdoms period.

(Provided by Chen Chongzhi)

This exhibition will bring 17 swords and 12 knives created by Chen Chongzhi, including the Ziwei Sword, which was worn by the most holy teacher Confucius when he traveled around the world; It is one of the peerless twin swords owned by Cao Cao in the Three Kingdoms era (the other is the Yitian sword), the legendary green sword that cuts iron like mud. This sword was defeated by the famous Shu Han general Zhao Zilong because of the defeat of Cao Cao’s general Xia Houen. In Zhao Zilong's hands.

Chen Chongzhi's sword creation exhibition will exhibit the Dragon Subduing Sword made in Han Dynasty.

(Provided by Chen Chongzhi)

In addition, there are Jianglong Sword made in Han Dynasty, Chunyang Sword of Lu Dongbin, one of the Eight Immortals, Jinghong Sword originated in Shaolin Temple, and Qi Jiadao developed by Qi Jiguang, a famous anti-Japanese general in Ming Dynasty, and other long and short swords.

Lin Rongsen, head of the Cultural Bureau of Nantou County, said that Chen Tianyang, a master of sword making, often said: "The sword is the way, and the sword is the test." If you want people to use the sharpness of the sword to examine themselves and the balance of the sword, they must learn that "there is a sharp weapon in your hand. But there is no killing intent in the heart; there is no sword in the hand, but there is the sword of wisdom in the heart, and the sword of wisdom can cut off the demons in the heart."

In modern society, the sword is no longer a simple weapon, but a kind of art, a kind of culture, and a kind of spirit, which is worth watching and experiencing carefully.

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