The transit of Mars occurs two days after Pluto (the second belligerent planet) entered the 

sign of Aquarius

, where it also has a weak status - fall.

The transits of these planets will affect the world economy and international relations, the political system of many countries.

Issues of power, big money, mass phenomena and processes will be solved covertly, sometimes deliberately shifting the attention of ordinary people to other topics, says

astrologer Marina Skadi (Marina Sokolova)


The sign of Cancer is cardinal, these qualities also correspond to the characteristics of Mars, so the planet will express itself more dramatically, through border states.

In the next two months, on the one hand, people tend to take the initiative, there is enough internal strength, but on the other hand, fear appears at the most crucial moment, and many retreat, abandon their goals.

There are opportunities for any endeavors, but excessive emotionality prevents you from correctly calculating, thinking through a plan of action, taking into account all the stages of the path to realizing your goals.

Male representatives are more prone to negative influences in the next two months.

But women become stronger, act more actively and boldly, often take on men's obligations.

Due to the change of roles in family and love relationships, scandals arise more often than usual, sometimes with the beating of dishes, up to physical assault.

Symbolically, the sign of Cancer reflects emotions, feelings, sensations and intuition, the inner world.

Ruled by the Moon, it is the fastest celestial body, passing through all the signs of the zodiac in a month.

According to the same laws, Mars will also appear, moving under the sign of Cancer.

The most family sign of the zodiac, associated with ancestral roots, home, homeland, genetics.

Under its influence, the spheres related to the inner side of life, personal relationships, are changed.

Therefore, during the transit of Mars in Cancer, people do not particularly seek social contacts, they are more focused on household and family affairs, independent and active in these matters.

Many people's views on life change, memories of childhood, parents, homeland appear, which often prevents them from focusing on professional affairs and social life.

The transit of Mars in the sign of Cancer is a good period for solving housing issues, repairs, relocation, personal life, and family affairs.

The atmosphere in the parental home and the family raise deep unconscious impressions of early childhood.

Problems at this time arise due to excessive emotionality and self-doubt, but playing sports, vigorous physical activity, and active recreation help strengthen your psychological foundation, harmonize your inner state, and gain reliability in the next two months.

It is a good time to plan pregnancy, because the probability of its occurrence increases.

In general, the period is suitable for any matters about which it is not customary to talk about all feelings.

The transit of Mars in Cancer begins on a harmonious aspect with

Saturn in Pisces

, which will last 1-2 weeks.

The planet will be shaped by a number of circumstances that contribute to the implementation of plans.

This is the time to achieve hidden goals or solve issues, taking into account the psychological factors of the situation and the characteristics of the person of interest.

Full April 6 can become critical for the sphere of relationships and even lead to a sharp break in ties.

On the days of the full moon, you may encounter tactless, impulsive behavior on the part of seemingly calm people.

If possible, try to spend less time in public places at this time to avoid unpleasant pranks on yourself.

In April, you can imperceptibly gain excess weight, as it is a psychologically difficult month.

Try to avoid overeating at the moment and emotional upset, otherwise it will have bad consequences for the body.

During this period, susceptibility to stress increases, many may not be able to cope with external pressure and competitive situations.

People are excessively vulnerable, capricious and irritable, children are unruly, pets are aggressive.

Mental tension contributes to the emergence and manifestation of various diseases.

Employers should refrain from demanding their employees, because a busy schedule can derail them for a long time and significantly reduce the level of vital energy.

And troubles in business and at work threaten scandals at home, because emotions are strong and demand an outlet.

Men become fickle, their behavior strongly depends on their emotional state.

It is also very difficult for women during this period, but their natural female strength and increased instinct for self-preservation will help them cope with many difficulties.

But everyone should understand that in April - early May, divorces in the family can lead to irreparable consequences, so managing your emotions is very important for health and well-being.

On April 20, there will be a solar eclipse in Aries, ruled by the planet Mars.

This corridor of eclipses will culminate many themes both externally and internally.

For ordinary people who are striving for spiritual maturity, an effective period begins, because the complexes that are carefully hidden are suddenly revealed and they can finally be worked through, understood, accepted and let go.

The task of each person during the transit of Mars in the sign of Cancer is to learn to manage his mental energy and direct his feelings to creation.

In the corridor of eclipses (April 20 - May 5, 2023), it can be done quite quickly.

Also at this time, diseases of the digestive system and female organs may appear, so it is necessary to pay close attention to the signals of your body and monitor your health.

From April 21 to May 15, the period of retrograde Mercury in Taurus coincides with the corridor of eclipses, which can increase the number of accidents and injuries due to carelessness.

In order not to aggravate the situation, try to avoid the use of alcohol and other means that alter consciousness, at least during this period.

Two difficult months (March 25 - May 20) to fight for independence, resolve professional issues.

It is a particularly stressful period for

Aries, Cancers, Libras and Capricorns,

who lead an active social life and external activities.

Difficulties in entrepreneurship, obstacles in business development, quarrels with partners are possible.

It is better to reduce publicity to a minimum, rest, retire, if circumstances and finances allow.

Absolutely everyone needs to be careful when using various equipment, on the road and behind the wheel, in public transport.

Remember that April - the beginning of May will be difficult months for marriage or love relationships, when everything can be destroyed in one day.

This is the time of mutual claims, when you want to express everything that has been accumulated for many years.

Have time to do as many things as possible before the eclipse corridor, and preferably before the full moon on April 6.

Pull yourself together, put aside all worries and doubts, work tirelessly - this will distract from anxious thoughts and contribute to the accumulation of resources that will be needed in April - May 2023.

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