Lin Xiang is very popular in Japan.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Lotte Cheerleader Goddess Lin Xiang is very popular in Taiwan and Japan, attracting a large number of fans wherever she goes, and her every move attracts attention.

Manager Li Nai released Lin Xiang's "super crazy report card" yesterday (23rd). She shook off many doubts from the outside world and proved herself with actions. After watching it, netizens couldn't help but thank her for her dedication to Lin Xiang along the way .

Lin Xiang not only endorsed New York Light Jewelry, but also appeared on the runway in Tokyo. Lina felt that "I like my whimsy and shamelessness the most, which gives my artists many possibilities." She especially thanked the clothing brand and design "When everyone's doubts and rumors, we ended up wearing tattoos and a good figure, and went to the fashion show in Tokyo Fashion Week, Japan."

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In Linai's eyes, her girls are shining, "because I know what's good about them", and I also look forward to all aspects of the future, "I have been immersed in these glory for several days, and now I finally posted the first article, I'm very happy that everyone is working so hard, and we will continue to move forward in the future." It is also announced that there will be a "big easter egg" for everyone, which will surprise and delight fans.

Manager Li Nai revealed Lin Xiangdeng's daily results.

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Lin Xiang previously appeared at Tokyo Fashion Week in Japan, but she was criticized for her sweet image, but she was not able to support her style. Some netizens suggested to her that "the expression is in place, but it would be better if the upper body can be held, and the body seems to be a bit left and right when walking. Shaking, purely personal opinion." She faced her shortcomings calmly, and replied to the other party, "This is the first time to go to the show, and I am a little familiar with it. Thank you for your rational advice. If there is, I will do better next time."

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