Lin Caiti shared her nose surgery experience on the program.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Lin Caiti has a hot body and a perfect S-curve, which is dubbed "the real-life Snake Girl" by netizens.

Recently, she appeared on the show to share "the bitter history of nose surgery". She admitted that she has always been dissatisfied with her nose. When she was a child, she was laughed at as "like Jackie Chan", which made her determined to have a nose surgery.

Lin Caiti's nose shape is similar to that of Jackie Chan.

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Lin Caiti shared her pre-plastic appearance on the show. She admitted that many messages called her "Jackie Chan" as soon as she debuted, which made her even more hurt that she has always been unconfident about her nose. She is determined to seek medical and aesthetic channels.

The first time she came into contact with plastic surgery, the nose was padded first, but after the puff, she looked more like Jackie Chan. After 2 years, she proposed to the aesthetic doctor, "I want the nasal bone to be smaller, and the whole root is thinner."

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Lin Caiti used to be laughed at like Jackie Chan because of her big nose.

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Lin Caiti underwent 3-stage nose surgery.

(recapped from YouTube)

After the doctor's evaluation, he said bluntly that it was a big project, "Your nasal bone needs to be knocked in, and then the nose tip is too big, so it needs to be cut off, and the cushion needs to be three-stage, and the bone behind the ear needs to be used to cushion it." However, the actual process went through several twists and turns, During the recuperation period, she had a fever and had a runny nose. As a result, the wound on her nose was swollen and filled with pus.

It was Chinese New Year, and there was no clinic open at all, so she had to endure the pain and wait until the fourth and fifth day of the lunar new year to get anti-inflammatory injections. Afterwards, she had another operation to remove the tissue fluid in her nose.

But she is not satisfied with the status quo, "After finishing it, it will be what I am now, but I am not satisfied... If it is possible, I still hope to repair it again."

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