Kim Soo Hyun is wearing a black suit and "stepping on a pink bike" is too conflicting!

Korea's top male god Kim Soo-hyun has finally fully "moved" recently. In addition to co-produced tvN's new drama "Queen of Tears" with "Descendants of the Sun" actress Kim Ji-won, he also shared a group of himself in black on his private IG yesterday (23) The photo of wearing a suit and riding a pink bicycle, the picture is super conflicting, and it was found that the male god was riding a super "sluggish"?

It turned out that it was because the legs were too long, which made people envious and jealous!

Kim Soo-hyun's advertising footage is exposed.

Since the filming of "Someday" in 2021, Kim Soo-hyun has not taken a role for a while, which has made fans wait for a long time. Finally, good news came a few days ago. In the new drama "The Queen of Tears", the two will play the chaebol husband and wife in the drama. Once the golden lineup is released, people are looking forward to it.

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Kim Soo Hyun will be starring in "The Queen of Tears" with Kim Ji Won.

But Oppa’s surprise was more than that. Yesterday he shared a group of new photos on his personal IG. It was a tidbit of his shooting of NUON health functional food. I saw him wearing a black suit and a white shirt, but he appeared in a pink scene Among them, not only has a cute pink ball, but he is also wearing a black suit and riding a pink bicycle. The picture is super conflicting and cute.

Kim Soo Hyun appeared in a pink atmosphere in the advertisement.

Kim Soo Hyun is wearing a black suit and riding a pink bicycle, the picture is super conflicting.

In addition, it was discovered by fans that the appearance of the male god riding a bicycle is super "stuck". It turned out that the 180 cm tall man's legs were too long to make the screen stutter. The reason was exposed and made a large number of netizens envious and jealous: "The trouble of too long legs" , "I really want to have this trouble", "The picture is cute", "Kaka, who has become a male god", "Looking forward to the new drama", "Oba, please remember that many people miss you, please post more articles"!

Kim Soo Hyun is actually a cyclist in private.

Kim Soo Hyun's legs are too long at 180 centimeters, and only when he rides a small bicycle can he become a "male god Kaka".

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