This morning, the Jiacheng Council passed the third reading of the additional budget proposed by the city government to increase maternity subsidies and denture subsidies to give priority to the elderly over 80 years old.

(Photo by reporter Ding Weijie)

[Reporter Ding Weijie/Report from Chiayi] In response to the decreasing population and the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly, Chiayi City proposed two additional social welfare budgets totaling 50.25 million yuan, including childbirth allowances increased from 14,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan per newborn 2,000 yuan, and give priority to providing subsidies for the elderly over 80 years old to install full dentures and not exclude wealth. This morning, the city council passed the third reading. When the new system will be put on the road, the city government said that it will be announced after discussion between the Social Affairs Office and the Civil Affairs Office.

During the Chiayi mayoral election at the end of last year, the mayoral candidate of the DPP Chiayi, Li Junyu, focused on the social welfare card. If elected, he proposed to increase the current maternity allowance to 20,000 yuan, subsidize dentures for those over 65 years old, and health checks for those over 75 years old. Will Huang Minhui, the mayor of the Kuomintang Chiayi, follow up on his call?

Huang responded at the time, saying that the central government has restrictions on social welfare budgets, and as long as the central government can loosen the constraints, the city government will definitely do so.

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As a result of the election, Huang Minhui was successfully re-elected and entered the fourth term of mayor. The Huangshi government chose to increase and reduce the budget for the first time this year to handle additional maternity allowances and give priority to subsidizing full dentures for the elderly over 80 years old.

The city government pointed out that in line with the adjustment of the financial resources of the county and city governments this year, and the revision of the threshold for the early warning of social welfare expenditures by the county and city governments, considering the sound financial situation and responding to the number of children, an increase of 12 million yuan was allocated to increase maternity allowances to alleviate The family's childcare burden.

The city government stated that in the past, the denture subsidies for the elderly were limited to low-income households and low- and middle-income households over the age of 65. In order to take care of the health of the super-aged elderly who have no teeth, an additional budget of 38.25 million yuan was allocated to give priority to providing registration Elderly people over 5 years old and over 80 years old in Jiashi will be subsidized for the installation of full dentures. In the future, depending on the financial needs and the needs of the elderly, the age of repair subsidy and subsidy items will be adjusted on a rolling basis.

This time, the city government handled the first supplementary budget proposal, and proposed an additional annual expenditure of more than 460 million yuan, including these two social benefits, the Jiashi Shopping Festival expansion plan, the old Jiashi Hall underground parking lot design planning supervision project, etc. After deliberation by the Parliament, all budgets were approved in the third reading according to the original budget.

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