[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] The "Taiwan Yongjie Beauty Girls Charity Association" founded by actress Jia Yongjie often does charity and public welfare. Unexpectedly, the account of the foundation was stolen by a fraud group and used as a money laundering account of the fraud group. Jia Yongjie was also implicated for this reason In case of fraud, money laundering and other lawsuits, the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office found out that the crime had nothing to do with Jia Yongjie and the foundation, and Jia Yongjie was not prosecuted today.

In response, Jia Yongjie issued an article in response, restoring the whole story of the incident.

Jia Yongjie.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

Jia Yongjie wrote that it is necessary to clarify and restore the whole story here. The incident started when two little girls bought designer bags on IG. In the end, I paid a deposit of 500 yuan. Of course, I didn't get the bag after the remittance, and later found out that I was cheated.

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After the defrauded little girl called the police, the police found out that the fundraising account of her Pretty Girls Association was fraudulently used by the fraud group, so Jia Yongjie was invited to assist in the investigation.

She said, "Similar fraud cases like this happen every day, and the accounts of charities are stolen by vile fraud groups. As a result, not only the people suffer, but charities are also disturbed."

As for the leaked account being stolen by a fraudulent group, Jia Yongjie said, "Many people are concerned about why I am so bad? It happened to me again? But I don't think so. Instead, I hope to use this incident to remind everyone to pay attention." She appealed to everyone, "Fraud It’s everywhere! Seeing all kinds of false information on the Internet, doubts are not enough, we must reconfirm.” At the same time, I hope that everyone will face up to the seriousness of Internet fraud, and finally condemn the fraudulent groups that steal the portraits of public figures and steal the accounts of charities Fraudulent groups, as well as the use of fake accounts to carry out cyberbullying.

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