Vice President Lai Qingde (2nd from right) attended the Celebration of the 112th Year of the Republic of China Broadcasting Festival on the 24th, and met with Zhang Tiandang, Chairman of the Broadcasting Association (2nd from left), Chen Yaoxiang, Chairman of the National Communications and Communications Commission (1st from right), and Shi Zhe, Minister of Culture (Left 1) Wait, cut the cake together to celebrate Radio Festival.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xinde)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] The new Minister of Culture Shi Zhejin (24th) participated in the radio festival celebration for the first time. Shi Zhe made a small joke at the beginning of his speech and said, "Just now Chairman Zhang (Chairman Zhang Tiandang of the Broadcasting Association) On the stage, he said, "Is the Minister of Culture here?" When he returned to his seat, I said, "Boss, I'm sitting next to you. I also exchanged business cards just now. How did I offend you?" Chairman Zhang said no, although there was We exchanged business cards, and you sat next to me, but we didn’t communicate, talk, and didn’t hear your voice, so we thought you weren’t there.

Shi Zhe's words of "If you don't make a sound, you will be regarded as air" made many people in the room understand instantly. They laughed and said that they had grasped the characteristics of a "broadcaster". Shi Zhe said, "Everyone's voice is not just Chairman Chen (National Communications Chairman of the committee Chen Yaoxiang) mentioned that everyone’s companion is actually a magician of sound, an artist of sound, and most importantly, a dreamer of our sound.”

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