There are many rumors of changes in the iPhone 15 Pro series.

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Although it is still half a year before the release of Apple's next-generation new iPhone 15 series, there have already been quite a few rumors, especially the iPhone 15 Pro series is expected to bring many major changes, and foreign media macrumors have also taken stock of possible features. 10 new specifications and functions, for those fans who are hesitant to change to a new mobile phone in the near future, you may wish to refer to it.

Top ten changes in iPhone 15 Pro series rumors:

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A17 chip

: The iPhone 15 Pro series is expected to be equipped with TSMC’s 3nm A17 chip, and its performance will continue to improve; the standard version of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus is expected to continue to use the A16 chip.

Curved lines of titanium metal frame

: following Apple Watch Ultra, it is rumored that the iPhone 15 Pro series will use titanium metal frame, and the frame line will be more curved and rounded.

Ultra-narrow screen frame

: According to the current CAD design drawings, the iPhone 15 Pro series has an ultra-narrow screen frame of only 1.55 mm, breaking the industry record


Faster USB-C interface

: The iPhone 15 series will be fully replaced with a USB-C interface, but only the iPhone 15 Pro series provides faster charging and data transmission speeds, at least supporting USB 3.2.

CAD design drawings of the iPhone 15 Pro series have leaked from the Internet.

(Picture / Flipping the Internet)

WiFi 6E

: Apple's current new products have gradually converted to support WiFi 6E, and the iPhone 15 Pro series is no exception.

8GB memory

: The iPhone 15 Pro series will be upgraded to 8GB memory, making the phone more powerful.

Solid-state buttons

: The iPhone 15 Pro series body will abandon the traditional mechanical buttons and use solid-state buttons instead.

Mute button

: The iPhone has been using a switchable mute button that toggles up and down since the first generation, and the iPhone 15 Pro series is expected to use a button design instead.

Improved LiDAR

: The iPhone 15 Pro series is expected to be equipped with improved LiDAR, which will improve shooting performance such as night mode and autofocus, as well as enhance the AR experience.

Periscope zoom

: The top-of-the-line iPhone 15 Pro Max has a unique periscope zoom lens that provides at least 6x optical zoom. The current iPhone 14 Pro series is 3x.

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