IKEA launched the "Net Beauty Picnic" series.

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Spring is warm and flowers are blooming. Spring is the season for picnics. In order to take beautiful picnic photos, in addition to having a beautiful natural background, small picnic items are also the key. IKEA has launched a convenient and beautiful picnic item with the theme of "Internet Beauty Picnic". A little money can go a long way in improving a picnic.

IKEA said that when choosing picnic supplies, they should be lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to clean. In terms of color system, you can choose refreshing earthy colors to make the background the protagonist, or you can choose colorful and eye-catching colors to echo the atmosphere of spring flowers.

The easy-to-fold HÄSTHAGE picnic mat is lightweight and easy to carry. The spring sky blue is paired with Swedish Dalama childlike prints. The refreshing color scheme brings a good mood; the OSTBIT tray is made of natural bamboo, which is durable and easy to clean. The simple design makes the picnic party more ceremonial.

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HÄSTHAGE picnic mat, 799 yuan.

OSTBIT tray, 199 yuan.

Food is a must for picnics. Use crisper boxes or storage bags to properly classify and keep food fresh, so you won’t be in a hurry during picnics. ISTAD fresh-keeping bags are light and convenient, and the transparent design makes it clear at a glance. The double clip chain keeps freshness more dense, super cute The shark pattern makes the photos more eye-catching; the FJÄRMA foldable crisper is usually placed in the cabinet without taking up space, and the soft cherry blossom pink and mint green look super high-value, which is absolutely indispensable for picnics.

ISTAD fresh-keeping bags, 25 pieces/79 yuan.

FJÄRMA folding crisper, 119 yuan.

Others include co-branding with Finnish printing master Marimekko to launch a brand-new printing home good thing, inspired by the wood stripes on the trunk wood of the sauna room, with bright pink and orange stripes, bringing a colorful and cheerful spring atmosphere; RISATORP storage baskets are light and lovely The design, with high-quality soft colors, and the handle design is easy to carry around at any time, which can add points to the picnic style.

RISATORP storage basket, 199 yuan.

BASTUA shopping bag, 49 yuan.

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